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Stephen is a CertTESOL (Trinity College, University of London) qualified English teacher

English classes, face-to-face or online

Why do you want to learn English?

English has emerged as the language of international communication, particularly for business. But what, specifically, motivates you now to take action to improve your English?

To fully benefit from English lessons, it’s very important to start with the objective in mind.

A clear goal might be additional help to achieve an internationally recognised English qualification, for example through the Cambridge English examinations. Your ambitions may, or may not, stop there.

Business English is a common need, but what does this mean in practice? Specifically what tasks do you or your employees need to do now in English, on a daily basis. How will this need change in the future, and what is your plan for adding this further capability?

Whilst a good teacher helps you to achieve your goals, a good coach starts by first helping a student to identify the goals and then break them down into sub-goals. So that a relevant programme of learning can to be designed and agreed between the student and the teacher.

Having studied Spanish as a hobby for many years and recently attended Spanish classes, Stephen fully understands how much commitment is involved in order to attain an adequate level of conversational proficiency in a new language.

Investment of money and time in formal lessons can be significant, whether you meet with your teacher face-to-face or online. But if the lessons are to be effective, additional time must be spent on home study and practice.

An often quoted figure for mastering a new skill is 10,000 hours in total time commitment. Sounds a lot, but not so bad when broken down into a half hour of English study and practice every day, outside class.

Stephen is here to help you to achieve your goals in English.

Stephen speaks clear English that is easy to understand. He has made English pronunciation a specialism in his teaching because he appreciates that students aspire to speak English with an authentic accent, and with correct stress and intonation.

His experience in the use of English ranges from a successful career in business to the theatrical, with most points in between. He has been involved with all types of written and verbal business communication over the years, including numerous personally delivered presentations to large audiences.

In addition he has acted in a number of amateur dramatic theatre productions and even wrote a play script with a Christmas theme performed in front of a live audience. A background working within the UK broadcast television industry included training as a television presenter, both for shoots outside on location and in studio.

An experienced business coach and teacher, he holds a prestigious Cert TESOL (Trinity College, University of London) English teaching qualification, and an MBA (Master of Business Administration). He is also a qualified Yoga teacher and tennis coach.

To find out how Stephen can help you improve your English ring +34 617 887 477 or email stephen@stephenc.co.uk for a quotation.

Stephen arranges one-to-one classes in Valencia, Spain, and internationally through Skype or other online services.