Why doing jigsaw puzzles can be good for business

Why doing jigsaw puzzles can be good for business


There are all sorts of techniques for maintaining a disciplined business focus.

One of the better analogies in the business language lexicon is the “helicopter view”.

Put simply, this means balancing big picture information with the detail on the ground in order to make informed decisions and plan a route to success, which can then be clearly communicated to others.

Doing a jigsaw puzzle can help you better appreciate your business from a helicopter’s altitude because:

  • There is a goal, which is to complete the jigsaw, in other words a plan well executed
  • This can’t be achieved without sight of the “big picture” shown on the box, or in business terms, that important overall environmental assessment that gives your plan a context
  • …..but you also need to pay close attention to the individual pieces without which you can’t complete the jigsaw at all – that’s the detail in your implementation plan making the changes work in practice
  • The jigsaw process starts with you finding the outside pieces that set the picture’s boundary, or in business terms, the overall approach or strategy to be taken
  • Then you look for the “pictures within the picture”, putting pieces together as sub-assemblies, analogous to the role different functions play when making business changes happen
  • As you get into the task you begin to recognise patterns, the colours and shapes of individual loose pieces that fill the gaps in your puzzle – in business terms, these are the new insights and gems of information that allow adjustment to your planned actions to make them more effective

The whole jigsaw puzzle process starts slowly then gradually gathers pace, even accelerating towards the end. When finished everything is perfectly integrated.

Concentrating on the puzzle for long periods can become counter-productive as you become tired and frustrated, struggling to find any pieces that fit.

However when you take regular breaks how often to you come back and immediately find a piece you have been looking for?

Does any of this ring true for you and your business?

Maybe doing jigsaw puzzles can be good for your business after all!