“Pain” Remedies for Business (The PRfB series)

For effective selling it’s much better to focus on a buyer’s “pain” rather than any potential “gain”.

Why? Because by nature human beings normally prioritise removal of pain first.

Take a sudden burst water pipe in the house as an example.

How long will you wait for a plumber to turn up? How likely are you to dispute their emergency call-out charge?

Effective selling means good questioning, helping potential buyers to identify their pain, and then effectively magnifying this pain in their mind so it can’t possibly be ignored.

Let buyers fully experience this powerful emotion, which is the basis of most decision making.

Then offer the solution to remove their pain. Available right now! Making sure to provide the key back-up evidence so they can justify their decision later, to themselves and others.

No doubt you recognise the same process at work within your business.

The upcoming “Pain” Remedies for Business (PRfB) blog series will cover many of the common, uncomfortable “pains” faced by small business owners, along with a few simple, helpful remedies aimed at making it better.

It takes a structured approach, categorising by type of pain, and building to a handy reference catalogue.

I trust you will find it useful. If you do, please pass it on to your friends.


Stephen C.

Business Coach