Stephen Cunnell, MBA Cert TESOL BA Hons (Econ) DipM (CIM)

I am an independent business coach and language teacher, with an MBA (postgraduate Masters in Business). Experienced in working with companies of all sizes, from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), to some of the world’s largest corporations (3M, Reuters, Serco).

Whether delivering coaching on premise or online (e.g. Skype), my particular passion is to help motivated businesses and English language students achieve their full potential (see “approach” page for more details).

This is done through business and language coaching delivered to the standards expected of an MBA and Cert TESOL (Trinity College, London University) qualified coach.

I communicate in clear native-speaking English (BBC-style) that is easily understood by students. Correct English pronunciation (phonetics featured strongly in the CertTESOL professional English teaching qualification), is a key specialism of mine.

Good coaches enjoy witnessing the positive change in clients that they helped initiate. Whether a business owner or Director, an executive or team, or an individual learning English for personal reasons.

I have first hand top level SME experience as a former Director and shareholder of a very successful small television outside broadcast company, shooting productions for UK broadcasters including the BBC.

This drew on my earlier management experience with Visnews, the international television news agency owned by Reuters, the BBC, and the US broadcaster NBC.

Trained and experienced in coaching techniques:

  • as a personal Business Adviser/Coach to over 250 individual business owners on one of the largest UK Business Link government contracts supporting SMEs
  • leading to a Senior Executive Team project role designing and implementing a comprehensive start-up workshop programme with a multi-million pound (£) budget
  • that ran over 4 years comprising 6,000 workshops with over 25,000 attendees
  • reporting 95% positive customer satisfaction, independently measured
  • to successfully meet the challenge of finding practical cost-effective measures in support of new business start-ups

I have experience across the whole business lifecycle process. From start-up, to ongoing trading, to business sale, the latter as co-founder of a privately developed online website, specifically designed to provide tools to help business owners wanting to sell the business.

As an Economics graduate, I can see the big picture perspective too. Encouraging successful SMEs and new business start-ups must be at the heart of any government’s economic development agenda.

They represent the life-blood and future of any growing economy. By enabling people either thinking of starting a business, or in the process of doing so, to gain access to quality cost-effective support.

I was recruited to the national Business Link service that developed and introduced a standardised “Starting a Business” workshop programme for England. The end product was heavily influenced by the highly regarded South East workshop programme that I ran in this English region, with 95% customer satisfaction independently verified.

A growing reputation as a start-up specialist then led to:

  • developing content for an interactive, online, self-help start-up service for www.gov.uk, the UK government’s new portal (a strategic IT/digital investment for further cost-effectiveness of service delivery)
  • UK contributor to the “Enspire” EU funded project to encourage wider entrepreneurship in Europe learning from best practice across the EU
  • particular interest was expressed by European colleagues in the Social Enterprise workshops developed as part of the South East business start-up programme.

For a quotation to achieve better results, with people in mind, call me on +34 617 13 86 14 or +44 (0)7826 335881, or email stephen@stephenc.co.uk