The importance of effectively allocating and managing internal resources, especially people, has never been so crucial in these challenging economic times. And, of course, growing profitable sales and mutually beneficial external business partnerships.

Whatever the challenge, the Stephen C. Business Coaching  (SCBC) client-centred approach has three main general characteristics.

  1. identifying and understanding the specific needs, goals and challenges of the individual or business
  2. strategy design and action planning taking the future into account
  3. support with implementation of practical, cost-effective solutions

Whilst recognising the distinction between “hard” and “soft” skills.

Yes, “hard” skills are important, for example, proven project management techniques like Prince2, Agile or simply developing and implementing simple action plans.

However softer skills are becoming increasingly important.

With greater emphasis on emotional intelligence so that individuals can first better understand themselves, thereby enabling development of lasting empathy with important others. And gaining a deeper understanding of staff psychology and motivation.

Handy therefore to be able to draw on refined teaching, assessing, coaching and mentoring skills. Effective positive interventions using the following techniques where appropriate:

  • the Enneagram
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Yoga (RTS 200 hour instructor)

And not, of course, forgetting good communication. Using effective English in both spoken and written forms.

With television and business presentation skills, the former a legacy of experience of international television news and television production/facilities, the latter refined through numerous presentations to professional audiences both large and small.

All adding up to positive change for your business.


Whether teaching English or coaching businesses, the service specification depends on individual circumstances.

  • Coaching individuals, for improving English language, or to business executives
  • Coaching teams, to improve English and/or work performance to achieve business goals
  • Project management, to plan and implement major change projects
  • Business start-up support, to individuals and design/delivery of workshops
  • Yoga, to energise the body and calm the mind, delivered in English or Spanish
  • Enneagram, improving self-awareness, internal relationships, and building true teams
  • Visioning techniques, giving a longer term perspective for business goal setting
  • Business Model Canvas, establishing the basic foundations of a business
  • Balanced Scorecard, to clarify strategy and agree targets to measure
  • Action planning, assigning specific tasks, responsibilities and timescales
  • Performance management, systems to check performance
  • Customer service excellence, benchmarking customer service performance against a leading quality standard, to deliver real improvements as seen from a customer perspective
  • Customer research, targeted qualitative surveys covering prospective, existing and lapsed customers
  • Workplace assessment, to check performance against best practice standards
  • Presentation skills training, for effective communication and confidence building
  • Strategic IT/digital review, to seek improvements in effectiveness and efficiency in this area


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