coaching for personal and business success, face-to-face or online
  • What does personal and business success mean for you as a small business owner?
  • What’s the time frame for these goals? (1 year, 3-5 years, 10 years, your lifetime?)
  • Are you seeking business growth, consolidation or exit?
  • How does this contribute to life’s overall satisfaction?
  • How can important business and personal relationships be improved?

Personal and business goals are linked, which can make these questions tricky to answer. The effect of your decisions on others can be like ripples in a pond. On business partners, employees, family or an array of other affected parties.

It can feel like a considerable weight of responsibility, even a burden. How does this affect your leadership in practice?

Successful Business Coaching is first about listening to your needs and concerns, then helping you to identify the underlying  issues and develop possible solutions. Drawing on input from the team, customers, suppliers and key partners as appropriate.

Effective change action inevitably needs the buy-in and involvement of all participants.

In a change process important aspects to consider are:

  • first understanding others and then helping to initiate positive changes in their behaviour
  • heightening your own self-awareness leading to more productive, empathetic relationships with less conflict
  • enabling more mindful two-way communication with fellow Directors, staff, teams and customers
  • making better decisions that take into account the broader consequence of actions
  • becoming a more effective leader who can motivate others

Change can also be supported with selective IT investments and faster digital communications. These may lead to greater efficiencies or enable development of innovative new services for customers, or both.

Mine is a confidential process conducted with integrity, using tried-and-tested business methods, for example the Enneagram, the powerful personality-based system actively practiced by business and personal coaches in over 20 countries worldwide.

Please also check out my Resources section to give a taste of how to bring about positive change for you and your business.

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